TORRENT R&D Center creates innovative solutions for the treatment of clean water, wastewater or recyclable water.

The solutions devised and developped by TORRENT can be applied to all industrial, collective and individual fields.

TORRENT works on all subjects detected by its team, but above all to display the solutions that you expect in order to solve your issues, whether of technical or qualitative origin or for saving water.

TORRENT formalizes a part of these works that is accessible on this site, via:


& Missions

  • Analyze your topic, your problem,
  • Identify the technologies existing in connexion with it,
  • Imagine your solution,
  • Develop your system identifying the points that will make it different,
  • Test the solution in a lab,
  • Test the solution with the help of a pilot,
  • Test and validate the process industrially speaking.

& Licences

TORRENT’s target is to develop the patentable technology that will make your company different from your competitors.


  • Develop the missing calculating tool.
  • Audit the supplier that can meet your expectations,
  • Search for and synthethize the publications pertaining to your issue.


10 calculation criteria

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Torrent Calcul

About us


Founded in 2016, TORRENT R&D Center went straight into its own vocation by developing a technology for the cleaning of long distance pipe lines with variable diameter.

The Team


Managing director


R&D director

The TORRENT team, with Frank BAC-DAVID (heading I.C.E. for 25 years – Leader of water management in the beverage industry) and Tamara PUTOIS (Ex-manager of the application laboratory for “water treatment” at ROQUETTE – leader of the starch transformation industry) includes engineers specialized in the various fields of development and coming from the best European and French universities.

The goal

TORRENT R&D Center has the ambition to become an actor in the water environment, elected for the quality of its developments and its patents.

Our network


TORRENT works closely with SPECO, Suzhou Purification Equipment Co., water treatment provider, leader on the Chinese market.

SPECO supplies equipment and treatments of water purification in the field of bottled water and beverages, water for injection, ultrapure water, recycling and recovery of waste, water from sea water desalination.


TORRENT works closely with ETEN, a Greek expert company in water treatment in bottling plants and food factories in Greece and abroad. An important topic between TORRENT and ETEN is the creation of drinks and functional water.

ETEN team, who does not stop traveling, researching and evolving, is consisted of specialized engineers with experience in the food industry, in Greece and abroad.
The experience of ETEN engineers comes from studies and research in facilities around Greece and abroad, mainly in bottling plants and food factories. ETEN engineers are highly trained on food and beverage issues, with knowledge and experience that are acquired from the national and European field and are constantly evolving by offering quality and innovative proposals.


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